Character Creation

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Follow these steps for character creation.

  • Character Description
  1. Character Name
  2. Player Name
  3. Gender
  4. Description
  5. Height
  6. Weight
  • Player Characteristics

Roll 3d6 five times for each of the following stats: (Mouse over for description.)

  1. Strength
  2. Constitution
  3. Power
  4. Dexterity
  5. Appearance.
  • Secondary Characteristics

Roll 2d6+6 for the following stats: (Mouse over for description.)

  1. Intelligence
  2. Size
  3. Education.
  • You may re-distribute up to 3 points between your stats. No stat may begin above 21.
  • Apply Cultural Modifiers (If any.)
    - Lunarian: Born and raised on the Earth’s moon.
    - Martian: Born and raised on Mars.
    - Mutant: Born with some sort of genetic mutation, you are often seen as an outcast from society.
    - Terran: Born and raised on Earth, Terrans are the most common humans encountered and the standard by which every other human is compared.
    - Venutian: Born and raised on Venus.
  • Psychic

Roll d100 to see if your character is psychic. Apply the modifiers from the following table to your roll. A total of 96 or greater results in a psychic condition.

Condition Modifier
Mutant +5
Lunarian +2
Martian +5
Venutian +2
  • Starting Age

Either choose a starting age or roll 17+1d6 to determine your characters starting age. Your starting age must be at least your EDU+5. After this calculation, for every 10 years past 18, add +1 to your EDU score. This does not change your starting age. (Note that age brings experience and an older character will begin play with greater skill than a younger character, but youth does not suffer the physical degeneration an older character does.)

  • Characteristics
Characteristic Math
Effort = STR x 5
Stamina = CON x 5
Idea = INT x 5
Luck = POW x 5
Agility = DEX x 5
Charisma = APP x 5
Know = EDU x 5
  • Derived Characteristics
Characteristic Math
Damage Bonus = STR + SIZ
Hit Points = (CON + SIZ) / 2 (Round up)
Major Wound = HP / 2 (Round up)
Power Points = POW (Circle number)
Exp Bonus = INT / 2 (Round up)
MOV = 10m
  • Skill Points
  1. Choose a profession and allot 300 points to the professional skills listed under that profession. No skill may begin higher than 75%.
  2. Allot INT x 10 skill points to ANY skill you like. No skill may begin higher than 75%
  • Equipment

Your character begins play with the following items in their inventory. Additionally, some professions may allocate you additional items to begin play with.

  1. Two sets of clothing. One casual, one formal or work related.
  2. Pocket money. This is based on a status roll.
  3. Personal heirloom, keepsake, or trinket of sentimental value.
  4. Trade tools or equipment appropriate to your profession.
  5. A weapon if appropriate.
  6. Any additional items based on the Status skill, setting, or GM’s approval.
  • Finish

Congratulations! You have successfully completed a character!

Character Creation

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