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Path to the Stars (Working Title)

Description and Introduction

500 hundred years in our future – Mankind has expanded into the stars. Government funding of space flight ended in the early 21st century. Private corporations took up the mantle of space exploration. Now, most of the known galaxy is run by businesses, corporations, and organizations. Governments plays a small role in the affairs of the galaxy and provide a military presence. But it is the private sector that thrives and controls.

Mankind has made great strides in science, medicine, and technology. Fatal diseases have been wiped out. Mankind has moved beyond their little solar system and has established colonies on far away worlds. But despite these great advancements there is one thing mankind can never escape. Greed. Man lives it, breeds it, needs it. Greed leads to strife, anguish, and war. Man wars over religion, resources, ideals. The 26th century is no different. Despite wondrous technologies and advancements, man still fights over control.

Getting Started

  1. Character Creation
  2. History
  3. Factions
  4. Professions
  5. Skill List
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